Sansar, The Metaverse

January 2023
UI/UX Design
XR Design

About the Project

Sansar is a virtual platform that serves as a playground for creative individuals and virtual explorers. It offers a range of features and tools to enhance the user experience. Users can create their own avatars and worlds to connect with other people in real time. While the platform emphasizes virtual reality (VR) experiences, it also supports desktop usage, allowing for a seamless transition between VR and desktop modes.

📋 Role: Lead Designer

🛠️ Tools: Figma | Blender | Photoshop

Responsabiltiies: Lead and manage all design projects - Create interfaces for VR, Desktop, Mobile & TV - Engage with internal stakeholders to scope and frame design involvement per project

Project Details

Adding New Features

To increase more game time between players I proposed new ways to expand user engagement. This brought new mechanics and features into Sansar.

The Process

Step 1 - I spent days researching and studying game mechanics, VR gestures, reading articles and consulting specialists for specific features.

Step 2- It's time to sketch some ideas and share with community to test it out.

Step 3 - UI creation, animations and depending on the results, it goes back to community again.

Most of the times it's not a linear process, it's about building, rebuilding, testing, improving and starting again.

Swimming Mechanic VR

Introducing a new gesture and tutorial for players to swim. For the tutorial, I created and animated the model on blender and imported it to figma for the UI Tutorial.

PVP Battle Mode

Presenting new mini games and HUDS for players to interact and win prizes.


We launched the first-ever high fidelity metaverse platform available on LG Smart TV.

Userflow I created containing all the features needed.

UI/UX Development: The user interface had been optimized for the larger screen size of a TV, with easy-to-read text, clear graphics, and intuitive navigation. The interface was designed to work with both remote controls and game controllers, and has an easy selection of avatars, settings, and activities within the metaverse.

The Redesign

I received a request for the creation of a game tutorial and my first thought was "if players desperately need a tutorial it means the overall experience is bad."

During the last 2 years I had the amazing opportunity to start working for Sansar. All my work impacted in different areas of the game: from building 3D assets and creating new features to improving the overall game experience. My selected work is based on these responsabillities.

As the lead designer my suggestion was to improve the experience from basic interactions to an advanced redesign. My biggest support during this time was the community engagement and their availability to have always contributed by sharing their pain points and needs.

My Contribuitions:

UX Research + Community interview & testing

Creation of new color guidelines and patterns

Design new icons

Design new huds, menus, notifications, 3D Assets

VR Gestures Research


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