Bleikstore: Trade CSGO Skins

UI/UX Design

Bleik, founded in 2014, is a pioneering company specializing in the sale of CS:GO items. They work with buying, selling and upgrading items. Their biggest differential is to always be focused on the best possible experience for the customer, providing fast and efficient service, as well as delivering items in the fastest and safest way on the market.

Project Details

Understanding the project

I started by setting up a meeting with the client to understand their goals and expectations regarding my work.

Benchmark & Competitor Analysis

Performing benchmark and competitor analyses can help you understand what already exists in the market, what competitors are offering, and how you can differentiate your product to create a better experience for users.


Studying our users and their expectations, motivations and concerns helped us to understand how to satisfy users needs.

Client Workshop

Defining product scope and plan its delivery.

Usr Flow & User story

When I have the persona defined I can start to create the user flow and also a user story. I start by thinking on the ideally user flow to achieve a task, for example: "The user needs to change his password", How he is going to do that? or one more different like "The user need to create a list for his party"...After this exercise I start to have some user needs and the user flow starts to have a look.

Wireframes & Protoype

After collecting more information about the product, it’s time to visualize and test out the user experience of our product or service before investing time and resources into building the final product. This can help identify potential issues and areas for improvement early on, potentially saving time and money in the long run.

Final Result

To facilitate the process I create a file containing a design system, in that way I can share with others designers and also with the development team. After defining all the components, I apply to the UI.

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